Jennifer Lusk

Jennifer Lusk is an early childhood educator, dog mom, and yoga lovin' lady originally from Houston & Austin.

In her spare time she works on her fence mural or waits for the weather to be perfect for painting the fence mural. Jen has read every Jackie Collins book and feels naked and incomplete without a cocktail ring on her right finger.

She lives in Dallas, Texas, (in the best neighborhood in the world) with Diego, a one-eyed, deep-thinking Pekingese.

Dana Compton

Dana Compton is a south'n gal from Alabama who loves her husband, magnolia trees, drinking old-fashioned's and eating carbs.

She is a construction executive and plays bass in a 1940's big band in her spare time. Dana is a big reader but didn't know about Jackie Collins until Jennifer pitched the idea of this podcast. Of course, the idea of diamond-related anything got her on board quickly.

She lives in the suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas, with her sweet husband Jason and their Shih Tzus, Bama the old lady and Beau with one eye.

Andrew Stonerock

The spicy, salacious saxophone you hear in our theme song is courtesy of Andrew Stonerock. Check him out at

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